Some of our frequently asked questions answered...

Can I make a group booking?

Mulberry's Farm prides itself on being a small and exclusive family friendly caravan and campsite site designed for couples and small families to enjoy a relaxing break. Therefore we won't normally accept a booking from large groups or for multiple pitches. However please do give us a call to discuss your requirements.

You're a family friendly caravan and campsite, does that mean lots of noise and ball games?

In our tranquil setting we'd discourage ball games and noise regardless of age (come on Dads you know you're worse than the kids!) As parents ourselves we want to offer our younger guests the fun, and dare we say it educational experience camping should be. We operate a strict no noise after 10 pm policy, but most of the kids are in bed by then so lets say we're a family friendly site that welcomes well behaved adults...

Why can't we bring more than one car per pitch?

It may be possible to bring more than one car but only by prior arrangement. We understand that 2 adults, 4 children and a 6 man tent can be a bit of a squeeze and we may be able to help. However as a smaller site we believe everyone's experience is more pleasant if it looks like a campsite rather than a car park. 

Do you have electric hook up?

We do, as standard on each pitch. Our caravan and camping electric hook ups are limited to 10 amps which is normal for a small touring and camping site operating from a dedicated single phase supply. Customers have found this more than enough for their needs even with larger units.

Are you a dog friendly caravan and campsite?

Of course, we've welcomed dogs, cats and even parrots to the caravan park, Anglesey is perfect for pets to enjoy too. Due to the number of domestic and wild animals we have onsite we do ask that no more than 2 animals join you, that they are kept on a lead at all times (not parrots!) and under control. Obviously as you would at home we'd ask you to clean up any dog mess.

How far is the nearest pub/restaurant?

We are in a quiet rural location therefore you'll find our nearest watering hole in the village of Valley which is approximately 5 minutes drive or a very pleasant 40 minute walk. There you'll find 2 pubs, a bistro, a number of takeaways and an Indian restaurant as well as a host of stores.

Where's the beach?

With 125 miles of coast  it's a difficult one to answer and it depends what you want! Our local beach at Cymyran is a beautiful, rugged cove with sandy dunes and 5 minutes drive or 30 minutes walk through the countryside. It's ideal for a peaceful getaway and rarely visited. If you're looking for something more vibrant we're half way between the famous beaches at Trearddur Bay and Rhosneigr where you'll find bars, restaurants and shops. 

Is your site wheelchair friendly?

We've done all we can to take into account the needs of our guests, though if access to facilities is a concern then we'd encourage you to discuss your requirements with us at time of booking. 

Why do you ask for a deposit and then payment prior to pitching?

As a small site with 10 pitches we ask for a deposit (like most sites do) as 'no shows' can leave pitches empty for up to 2 weeks. Unfortunately as a small business we have to off set that risk with a non refundable deposit. We'd prefer to let you settle in before asking you to pay a balance, however over the years we have been caught out by those who delay payment day after day and then leave without notice. So we hope you understand that we're not being rude! 

Why don't you have recycling bins for waste?

We care passionately about our environment, but having been in the hospitality industry for a number of years we know that one of the first things we forget on holiday is recycling! To help you and the environment we pay extra for our waste partners (Gaskells Waste) to recycle at depot, using some very clever technology. Further information is available on our noticeboards.

Can we use BBQs or fire pits?

Of course you can, that's part of the camping experience. However both BBQs and fire pits MUST be kept well clear of the grass and placed on the concrete slabs provided. Any damage to the grass will incur a repair fee. Fire pits especially must be kept under control and supervised at all times and you must accept responsibility for their use. Also please be considerate to your neighbours when using these, they may not want their tent smelling of smoke. 

I notice you're near an airport, does it get noisy?

Oh the 'Marmite' question?! We have the privilege of inviting you to one of the most unique touring and camping site locations in North Wales. The 'airport' you mention is RAF Valley, Anglesey the UK's fast jet training base (Top Gun in Wales if you will). They only operate Monday to Friday but if you're lucky enough to be with us then you'll hopefully get to be awestruck by the resident Hawk T1/T2 & Texans. If you're very lucky a Eurofighter, F35, a flight of Apache helicopters or even the Red Arrows might show up. So are they noisy? Surprisingly not as much as you'd think, but trust us you'll love 'Marmite' before you leave. Don't forget to visit the bases observation area for some up close views!